Womens ONLY MOUNTAIN BIKE Fitness training

Workouts led by: Julie Rieth (ICP Certified) and Alisa Reckinger

What: Join fun women to get those legs cranking and heart pumping on your mountain bikes.  Sessions will have a planned workout, with options for intervals or over distance riding.

Who:  Beginner to Intermediate Women interested in improving their fitness.  Thinking about riding the Pre-Fat?  Chequamegon?  Minnesota Mountain Bike Series?  This is for YOU!

When:  Thursdays, 6:30-8:00, July 11-Aug 29

Where:  Battle Creek Regional Park

Cost: $40
8 affordable sessions.  We know it’s summer with busy schedules so prices are set understanding you “will get there when you can get there.”

*Minimum of 7 participants must register to hold course. Maximum of 15 participants. 

Equipment:  Mountain Bike (front/rear suspension is nice for comfort but not necessary) or Fat Bike

Some more details:  Since these sessions are geared primarily towards fitness, we will focus only a short amount on skills/technique.  We will not ride the more technical sections of Battle Creek for the workout since the focus is on fitness. 

If you have questions on skills/technique training, let us know.

Send a note to info@enduranceunited.org


Notes: Participants must purchase or rent their own mountain bike and other necessary equipment, Endurance United does not supply participants with mountain bikes. All participants are required to wear a HELMET. A well maintained bike with shocks will give the best experience for this program, but is not necessary.  If you are needing help finding equipment or need some advice, let us know, maybe we can help!