Press Release - henry snider junior scholarship award


Press Release



Endurance United is excited to announce that Henry Snider of St. Paul Central High School has been awarded a $500 EU Junior Scholarship to help offset training and racing costs with Endurance United for the 2017/2018 season. Henry is a long time member of the EU Youth and Junior Teams, and is incredibly deserving of this year's scholarship. Henry's mother, Chrissy, had this to say about Henry's past year, and what this scholarship means to he and their family:  

"Henry has been training with Endurance United since 5th grade.  A year ago Henry increased his training with Endurance United by adding strength workouts and training camps on top of his regular workouts with the junior team.  Henry’s dedication and hard work paid off when he beat his personal goals at his first JNQ race this past December.  Unfortunately, Henry’s ski season was cut short when he slipped on ice and smashed into a tree in Ironwood while skiing with his high school ski team in December.

Henry sustained serious injuries from his fall. He fractured his skull, shattered his eye orbit, damaged his face and eye muscles and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Henry underwent brain surgery in January to remove a shard of bone from his eye muscles which was preventing his eye from working properly.  Because of how extensive Henry’s injuries were, he was transferred to 5 different hospitals in December and January with a couple weeks sleeping most of the day at home in between. Because Henry was in top physical condition, and retained the mindset of an endurance athlete, he recovered faster than any doctor was predicting, and was able to rejoin the EU Junior team for a full workout schedule this spring.

Henry is extremely motivated to train again for the sport he loves and his goal is to be even stronger and faster next season.  He is looking forward to participating in a full season of JNQ races next year.  His family is so grateful for this scholarship to help ease their finances after paying thousands of dollars in unexpected medical bills.  This scholarship plays an essential part in Henry’s full recovery and ensures that Henry is able to maximize his training and return to a healthy lifestyle."

We at Endurance United could not be happier to award this year's Junior Scholarship to Henry Snider, and we are looking forward to his continued progress in training, and his return to racing this coming winter.  Congratulations Henry, and thank you to everyone who made this scholarship award possible through your generous donations at last fall's 55km Rollerski Event!  We hope to see you all out skiing with us again this year!