18/19 JUNIOR Scholarship program

For those D-team athletes who are looking for a little extra financial assistance, Endurance United is now offering scholarships to help offset the cost of training and racing throughout the year.  Scholarships are 100% funded by donations from the EU 55k Rollerski training day, held each year in the fall.  This year, we are able to offer scholarships of up to $500.  Interested athletes must submit the application linked below by May 21, 2018.  Athletes may also be asked for an interview upon review of the applications by the selection committee.  Please see below for criteria for application. 

2018/2019 Scholarship applicant criteria

  1. Desire to train with EU on a year-round basis (with the exception of perhaps fall training if you run cross country)
  2. Planned attendance at most EU Junior training sessions (at least 3 days/week Spring, 4 days/week Summer, continued Fall/Winter involvement)
  3. Desire/plan to race at least 4 JNQ races (two weekends)
  4. Commitment to promote training and racing with Endurance United to high school teammates/friends


Please send all applications to the Endurance United office, or email to info@enduranceunited.org: 

Endurance United
713 Minnehaha Ave. E. 
Mailbox B3
St. Paul, MN 55106