Endurance United junior camps are great opportunities not only to train, but to travel to different places, meet new people, and, for a short time, live the life of a professional skier.  Junior camps are intense.  The average training day at a summer camp or the Thanksgiving Camp is approximately 4 hours of training.  This is broken into two training sessions per day, the the morning often being a longer or more intense workout, and the afternoon being shorter or strength-based.  The training is very high quality at the venues we visit, and any time during the day not spent training is spent recovering.  Please consult with the head coach prior to registering for a camp.

CAmp #1 - North Shore, Minnesota
June 19-23, 2017

Devil's Kettle Falls

Camp number one will be on the North Shore of Lake Superior, just outside of Grand Marais, MN.  We'll spend four nights in the Stille Havet house right on the lake shore, and do A LOT of trail running on the Superior Hiking Trail.  The North Shore is beautiful in June, and the camp should be a blast again this year!

Maximum Number of Athletes - 11
Cost: $475

View of Lake Superior from the deck of the house at sunset

View of Lake Superior from the deck of the house at sunset

CAmp #2 - Ironwood, MI

August 14-18, 2017

At the top of Powderhorn Mountain

Ironwood has some unbelievable rollerskiing in and around Porcupine Mountain State Park, and some great trail running to go with it.  Staying in the Snowflake House right on Powderhorn Mountain also gives us great bounding and ski walking opportunities right out our back door!

Maximum Number of Athletes - 14
Cost: $350




CAMP #3 - Canmore, Alberta, Canada

November 17-26, 2017

The crew in West Yellowstone last year. 

The big one.  The location of the camp right will again be Canmore, Alberta this year. Because the camp is in Canada, ALL ATHLETES WILL NEED A VALID PASSPORT. If you plan to attend this camp, please take care of your passport NOW to avoid any issues. 

Maximum Number of Athletes - 15
Cost: $990 for the full package (transportation, lodging, trail passes, food)

The mountains and blue waters of the Banff National Park Area