Endurance United provides coaching and waxing support at all Midwest Junior National Qualifier/CXC Junior Cup races. This includes Friday afternoon course previews at the venue, race waxing for your skis, and coaching before, during, and after the race.  If you're new to USSA racing click below for more information about the what, why, how, etc. of USSA and CXC racing.

Basic Steps to Prepare for USSA Racing with EU

  1. Register for JNQ Coaching and Waxing Support; $75 per weekend or $270 for all four weekends
  2. Show your colors at JNQ's and receive discounted rates.  Register your club  "Endurance United" and ski in sporty EU race suit $65 per weekend or $175 for three weekends or $220 for all four weekends.
  3. Register for each race.  This is typically done through the website of the host venue.  Registration closes the Tuesday night before each race weekend at 11:59pm.
  4. In order to earn points in an effort to qualify for Junior Nationals in Anchorage, AK, you need a current CXC and NRL license both purchased through CXC skiing. 
  5. For out-of-town JNQ's, make hotel reservations early.  These races tend to be held in small towns with minimal lodging. Don't wait until the last minute to book your hotel room.  
 Photo: Endurance United   

Photo: Endurance United