The D-team is for those athletes who are highly committed to the sport of nordic skiing, and wish to greatly improve their abilities through hard work and dedication.  D-team athletes receive many benefits, including, but not limited to, greater one-on-one coaching, specialized workout plans, D-Team-only training sessions, Endurance United clothing and gear, and lactate testing, both in a lab and in the field.  The D-Team offers the most benefits for the best price.  Benefits can be packaged "Ala-Carte," or all benefits can be registered for at once to receive the best discount. Click the button below to learn about scholarship opportunities!

2017/2018 D-TEam benefits

  1. Open attendance at ANY AND ALL EU Junior training sessions all year
  2. Open attendance to all EU Junior training camps*
  3. Coaching and wax support at all 4 JNQ weekends
  4. Monthly training plan
  5. 1-on-1 consultation with head coach throughout the year via phone call/email/text/in-person meetings 
  6. 8 special "D-Team Only" training sessions (4 Summer, 4 Fall)
  7. Full lactate profile at the beginning of the spring and fall seasons
  8. Periodic field lacate testing
  9. All spring and summer strength sessions

*Excludes Thanksgiving Camp (Canmore, AB, Canada) - Formerly West Yellowstone

COST: $3,200- 10% full year discount = $2,880

For Ala-Carte packaging options, please contact Head Coach Liz Peterson at liz.peterson@enduranceunited.org.

Brand New EU Swix Clothing!

All orders must be placed by December 20, 2016.  Use Access Code "EU" to access online store. Items ordered will be shipped directly to you in mid to late January.