The D-team is for those athletes who are highly committed and driven towards improvement in their Nordic ski racing. This is achieved through hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude built around a healthy team culture. D-team athletes have expectations regarding training session attendance, communication, and overall behavior both within practice and outside of practice. A specific D-team athlete only meeting will be held prior to the start of our season together to go over these expectations. D-team athletes receive many benefits, including, but not limited to, one-on-one coaching, specialized workout plans, D-team-only training sessions, Endurance United clothing, and lactate testing.  

First year D-team athletes must schedule an in-person meeting with head coach, Liz Peterson, to discuss goals and expectations of D-team athletes prior to registering for Endurance United D-team.

Year round starting Spring $3,400, sign-up by April 1st to receive 5% discount $3,230

Starting Summer $3,100, sign-up by June 1st to receive 5% discount $2,945

*Seasonal payment options available - please contact john.richter@enduranceunited.org for details.
*Avoid credit card service fees by entering "paybycheck" upon registration check-out.

2019/2020 D-TEam benefits

  1. Open attendance at ANY AND ALL EU Junior training sessions all year, includes strength sessions.

  2. Coaching and wax support at all Midwest junior national qualifying (JNQ) events.

  3. Individualized monthly training plan.

  4. Individual consultation with head coach throughout the year via phone call/email/text/in-person meetings

  5. "D-team only" training sessions

  6. Full lactate profile at the beginning of the spring/summer

  7. Endurance United race suit for all first year D-Team members

  8. High Viz D-Team vest and training shirt.

  9. Individual sessions with head coach - up to athletes to schedule

  10. Race entry 2019 Go Spring! trail race & 55km rollerski training day.

  11. Endurance United has scholarship opportunities for all Development team members.

* Camps are an additional charge and are split out as a separate registration. Camps are offered to D-team & Post Grad members first then open slots will be offered to all Juniors Athletes until camp fills.